Z U R E M U N D U A   A R G I T Z E N D U


 N    E    X    T    L    I    V   E


2 0 2 3   2 . 11 ( sat )
高円寺 culb ROOTS



M O B  presents
“ M I S S I O N ”

  noTOKYO ,  SPANAM ,  RED flamingo(exテラローザ)
Active as a design team, the brothers Shinn and Mitsu wanted to present their art style through music by forming the band WHEEL OF DOOM in 1998. Their surfa cecomponent being an ethnic presentation they made a name for themselves with their incredible stage performances.
 Coordinating with guitarist Mitsu’s personal neo-tribal fashion brand PEACEMAKER,  they’ve caused a stir in the loud rock scene all over the country. They’ve released three titles so far.  Without choosing an era,  they question and address “now.” Going fromfive members to four,  they aim to create a new loud flow and scene... 


Shinn : Vocal

birthday : 4 . 4
Type : AB

Mitsu / Guitar

birthday : 5 . 24
Type : AB


Numa : Bass

birthday : 6 . 10
Type : AB

Matsu / Drum

birthday : 5 . 12
Type : O


Remember what you have experienced, organize it in your mind, and embark on a journey to discover the value of your existence. Every human being has their own great value and role to play. Discovering and taking on that role is a joyous life.
In the present, we need to reevaluate and modify our habits.
Let's compare the various things we take for granted with the truths we now knowand create new events and habits that will release the true energy of this place.Let us sense the opportunity to create something new out of nothing,and take action that we have never done before, from the ordinary places of our daily lives.